About Us

Tiki Gonzo is based out of Los Angeles County.  He is the sole owner and designer of Tiki Gonzo shelves and bars. Tiki Gonzo is a retired Veteran. His business started back in 2010 where he began making lamps and hand carved signs. Designing mug shelves came after his daughter asked him to design a shelf to display all her tiki mugs. And from there it has been nonstop. Tiki Gonzo retired back in 2016 working as a Designer of furniture and manufacturing manager. He is still using all those skills to design bars and shelves. He spends 8-10 hours a day burning wood, cutting, carving, designing on CAD just to name a few. Tiki Gonzo currently has 25 different mug shelf designs and two Bar designs. But that continues to evolve. He has made bars for the Reef in Palm Springs and Tonga Hut and has custom made bars and shelves, hand delivered and installed for customers in Las Vegas, San Diego and San Francisco. He looks forward to making more designs for his customers. Feel free to contact us with any custom orders or questions. We are here to meet your needs. Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for fabric choices and upcoming events.